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Ask Me Anything: Should I Price One-to-One and Festival Henna Services Differently?
5 Reasons Why Your Clients Will Pay You More

Setting (and raising) rates is something that tends to be stressful for henna artists of all skill sets - seasoned and beginners. The trouble with setting rates is that many times small business owners leave money at the table unknowingly. Whenever you're considering raising your rates, it's paramount that you take inventory of what exactly it is that your clients are willing to pay for. Keep in mind that henna is a commodity that can be found in most communities. Even the artists who serve rural areas run the risk of a "new" artist popping on the scene thanks to the easy availability of henna paste through online shops.

In general, however, there are five key considerations that you should review when setting your rates. These five considerations are motivators that cause people to make purchases on an every day basis - be that with a henna artist, at the grocery store, at the airport, or elsewhere.

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