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Starting a henna business can be overwhelming.
You don’t have to do it alone.

Hennapreneur provides online education, professional resources, and community support to new and seasoned henna artists with a single goal in mind — helping you to harness your skill set to build a profitable business.

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Hey Babe!

I'm Chelsea Stevenson.

I’m a professional henna artist and business strategist. I teach budding henna artists and experienced henna professionals how to build vibrant, profitable businesses doing what they love.

I went from being the girl who could barely piece together a fluid design to being my city's most celebrated henna artist and a featured instructor at top henna conferences in the world.

How do I know that YOU can take your love for henna and turn it into a booming business that excites you every single day? Because I did it, too!

If you’re ready to stop dreaming and start doing — making beautiful art and collecting twenties by the handful — you’re going to love it here!

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Chelsea is one of the most talented, humble, and innovative artists I’ve met...professional, patient, and engaging.
— Tarsheka T., Mixology & Basic Design Alumni
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Real Talk About Life as a Hennapreneur

No fluff. No filter. The best way to talk shop.

When I started my henna business years ago, there wasn’t a place where I could find business resources specific to our industry.

As I became introduced to the henna community — both online and at in person conferences and events — I noticed a trend:

There were plenty of “seasoned” artists teaching the tricks for how to create the perfect flower, but when it came time to talk business, their lips were tightly sealed. It was almost as though success was held only for the select few of the industry. The thing is: I believe in abundance; so, I set out to change the standard.

Today I’m grateful to have paved my own way — going from the girl who reluctantly wondered “what if?” about starting a henna business to becoming the most celebrated henna professional in my city and owner of a highly-acclaimed henna boutique. What’s more, I get to share everything I’ve learned with you right here on the blog.

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Thank you so much for your ideas!!! After speaking to you and you just brainstorming ideas and implementing [them], I’ve already got two sales!!! I’m so grateful to you!!!
— Kayla G., Consulting Client
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Freebies to Level Up Your Game

‘Cause I’m obsessed with your success

Take advantage of these free resources created to help you move the needle forward in your henna business.

Free Email Course: The top 5 Mistakes new henna artists make

Do you dream of becoming a henna artist? Inside of my free 5-day email course teaches you the top five mistakes that new and aspiring henna artists make — and how you can avoid them.

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free Downloadable e-magazines specifically designed for each stage of your henna journey

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vol. 1
The getting started Edition

This is for you if…

You're just beginning your journey as a henna artist, and need someone to show you the ropes. While you know that you're ready to start working with henna soon, you're not sure exactly how to start.


vol. 2
The going pro

This is for you if…

You've got some time in under your belt, and have consistent-enough clients to keep you afloat. Your business feels like side-hustle status at best, and you're ready to take it to the next level.


vol. 3
The perfecting your process Edition

This is for you if…

Your business is thriving right now! You're working consistently, your business is profitable, your clients are amazing, and you feel like things are going great. Now what?


vol. 4
The growing your business Edition

This is for you if…

You've reached a place where you're outgrowing yourself. You have more work than you have time, you've begun letting client inquiries fall through the cracks, and you know you've got to do better.

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Join the
Hennapreneur Community!

Want to connect with a supportive, engaged, and highly collaborative community of hennapreneurs like you?

Our private community on Facebook is the best place to talk business, receive feedback, and surround yourself with high-aspiring henna artists from around the world!

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I came to Hennapreneur to learn the beginnings of building a henna business as well as improve my design skills. I’ve been working with Chelsea for the past 6 months, and she has more than exceeded my expectations in both of these areas.

Because she’s been there and built her own 5-Star business from the ground up, she knows exactly how to work with you where you are and help you shine into your next level of the henna business world.

Chelsea helps you every step of the way and is an ongoing cheerleader as you crush your goals to build the business you desire. If you really want to up your game and feel stuck or unsure, get with Hennapreneur and move yourself and your business forward.
— Christine N., Coaching Client + Member of The Design Lab
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Let's Work Together!

Design Composition & Business Education At Your Fingertips

Whether you’re struggling to mix the perfect henna paste or need a roadmap to getting your business off of the ground, Hennapreneur offers the education and support necessary for your success.

Our premium quality programs are designed with your business in mind — they’re accessible on your time, on any device, from anywhere in the world.

The question is:
How will you grow your business today?

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Mixology & Basic Design

The Everything-You-Need-to-Know Course for Beginner Henna Artists

The most complete and comprehensive course available online for new and aspiring henna artists

the design lab

Expand Your Existing Skill Set, Refine Your Technique, and Discover Your Signature Style with Monthly Online Classes

Your secret weapon for fresh, new design techniques to keep your creative edge sharp and your clients excitedly coming back for more

the accelerator

Take Your Business to New Heights with 100 Days of Laser-Focused Strategic Action

The only program of its kind, the Accelerator is your fast-track to launching the henna brand you’ve been dreaming about with the clarity and guidance you need



THANK YOU SO MUCH ... I feel like my knowledge and expertise on henna is up 100x AND I feel unbelievably confident to enter the henna world again.
— Rebecca W., Mixology & Basic Design Alumni
I love the Design Lab! The step-by-step video tutorials are exactly what I need to learn and improve my henna art. I look forward to my learning time in the lab and practice regularly. Chelsea gives great feedback on your work - all you have to do is ask. This is something i do for myself and I’m so happy the monthly classes are so affordable!”
— Fyza M., Member of The Design Lab
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Hennapreneur Shop Henna Supplies Business Resources
Henna Supplies & Beyond

henna essentials. done-for-you templates. business resources.

Running a henna business may start with having great quality henna products, but it certainly doesn’t end there.

Inside of the shop, you’ll find the beautifully designed resources that your business needs for success — from contract templates to business plans, we’ve got you covered.

Chelsea is one of the most brilliant self-taught henna artists and business owners I have met! Her humility, knowledge, and ability of multitasking is mind-blowing! Thank you Chelsea for your wealth of knowledge you provided in your classes. It is very difficult to juggle between home, kids, work, and attempt to run a business, but each time I look at you, I remind myself it is possible! You are one hell of a lady and a true inspiration. It was a pleasure meeting you!!
— Adila K.
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