Private Appointment Service Agreement

Private Appointment Service Agreement


Need a short and sweet service agreement for those everyday private appointments? Hennapreneur has got you covered!

The Private Appointment Service Agreement is the most concise service agreement possible, and can be included with the body of an invoice - noting that the completion of the invoice expresses agreement to the terms - or even sent to your clients as a confirmation message.

The agreement address... 

  • Timeliness - Never wait for a client (for free) again!

  • Services - Set clear expectations around the services you’re providing!

  • Natural Henna - Let your clients know that they can expect the best from you!

This agreement is fully customizable, and is ready to use with your own branding materials. 

Upon purchase, you will receive a secure link to download your digital file. This link lasts for 24 hours after the first download, so please be sure to save the file as quickly as possible. Additional copies of digital products are not provided due to link expiration.

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Wondering how to send your contract to clients electronically? Check out this quick video showing you how to send the agreements using Square Invoicing. No website or automation system required.