Business Plan Template

Business Plan Template


Stage your business for success with a thorough, comprehensive business plan. This essential tool provides guidance to both start up and established business owners like you who realize the value in being both laser-focused and well-informed about the growth of their business.

Hennapreneur’s complete, 24-page business plan template was designed to provide you with the strategic, organizational outline that you need to reach your goals as a professional henna artist.

The business plan template includes: 

  • Executive Summary - Establish your business model at a high level with a complete Executive Summary for concise review

  • Objectives - Identify your business’ key objectives based on your unique positioning in the market

  • Execution - Find clarity for your growth with six pages dedicated solely to developing your business strategy

  • Operations - Avoid cost- and inventory-related surprises with a thorough review of your business’ operations

  • Financial - Gain insight to your business’ earning capacity and set achievable milestones with informed financial forecasting

  • Company - Structure your business’ internal organization, including those pieces you’ve likely forgotten

  • Appendix - Enjoy a done-for-you five year Profit + Loss statement for you to track your business’ growth and financial wellbeing

  • Beautiful, designer-inspired pages that are ready to be completed and customized for your brand’s aesthetic

  • Easy to follow prompts detailing all of the must-have information that your business plan requires

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For your convenience, your PDF also includes a copy of the original template which prompts and guides you through how to complete your business plan.

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