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Meet Hennapreneur Mandy Roberge

What if someone were to tell you that you could put your child through university with income from your henna business? Would you believe it to be possible?

Mandy Roberge, the founder of Wicked Good Henna in Massachusetts, USA not only believes it’s possible, she’s making it happen - and in a way that you might not suspect - but it didn’t start that way. The artist, who started her business nearly seven years ago, recalls that initially her motivation for working with henna was to do something that she could both enjoy and do on her own terms.

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3 Things to STOP Doing Now (If You Want to Make Money as a Henna Artist)

Can I be honest with you? I mean full-frontal, filter-free, #sorrynotsorry honest?
I’m sick and tired (to death) of hearing henna artists complain about not being able to make money with their craft.And also, because I don’t believe in delivering rants without offering suggestions for improvement, today I’m breaking down three things that you need to stop doing right now.

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