Meet Hennapreneur Gina Wolfe

Face painting. Balloon twisting. Aerial arts. Trapeze. Stilt walking. We all know and understand the gamut of full blown circus arts. And henna? Gina Wolfe is bringing it all together under the umbrella of her entertainment company, LunaTrix Arts, based in Columbia, SC. The secret to the success of her business is simple: harness your community.

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“We work a lot with other artists in the community,” she says, “If you are an artist, the other artists in your community are probably one of your biggest resources.” For example, one of her recurring corporate contracts - an arrangement with the local baseball stadium - was secured by way of a connection with another local artist.

And it doesn’t stop there. Gina also has found growth within the infrastructure of her own business by leaning into the community. It was through relationships held with other artists that she found her administrative assistant, a staple in her business operations. “That relationship has actually worked really well in our benefit because they had a really good system for doing bookings,” she shares, “They do our booking. For me that was a huge headache up and gone! I answer client emails few and far between at this point. She does the bookings, it’s all in our name, and she does a great job at it.”

“The was an investment for me to sit down and say, ‘I need an assistant,’ but it cleared up so much time for me to make everything else better.” The artist, whose business boasts multiple skill sets and service offerings, ranging from performance arts to henna services, has found that investing in this administrative support has allowed for her to grow her business in the ways that she enjoys most. “It frees my office time up,” Gina says, “It’s a much easier format for me as the owner to talk to [her] and let [her] be that quiet, soft-spoken voice, pretty face, and customer service.”

Gina is an excellent example of how building relationships within your local community can benefit your business both in terms of internal operations and in generating revenue. “Once you get a working relationship with them - like you’ve been working with them for 2-3 years - it’s so simple!,” she explains, adding that now she can count on the same recurring contracts each year without fail.

The take away: Even in business, it takes a village to reach new heights. How are you leveraging community relationships in your own business?


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Gina Wolfe LunaTrix Arts Hennapreneur Artist Showcase
Gina Wolfe LunaTrix Arts Hennapreneur Artist Showcase
Gina Wolfe LunaTrix Arts Hennapreneur Artist Showcase

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