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The Test of Time: What to Do When Henna Party Guests Arrive Late

Picture this: You’re booked for a three-hour henna party from 2:00pm-5:00pm. You arrive at 1:45pm to get set up, and notice that the event hall is empty. The event planner and event service staff are present, but… where are the guests? Two o’clock comes…and goes.

2:05pm. Maybe they are just running behind?

2:10pm. Hmm. Strange, but you’re sure they’ll be there any minute.

2:15pm. Alright, what’s going on?

2:30pm. Guests begin to trickle in, sharing greetings and excitement. They flock to the buffet table for a treat, take selfies, explore the hall, and begin to settle in at tables.

It’s 2:50pm before you begin applying henna to anyone. As five o’clock rolls around, you realize that you’ve not been able to service all of the guests.

Now what?

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