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Running a Henna Business? There's an App for That

One of the most challenging aspects of being a professional henna artist is keeping yourself organized enough to do all the things. The front and center of businesses like ours is knowing how to prepare the best paste and perfecting your technique for beautiful designs, but we tend to overlook the back office. Once you've got clients coming in, it can be hectic to manage the multiple moving pieces that your business requires to function. Today I'll be sharing a handful of my favorite apps to make this business thing a little less overwhelming.

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A Comparison: The Best Scheduling Systems for Henna Artists

While there are a ton of scheduling systems available online, it was challenging to find systems that were cost effective while also providing the functionality needed to manage a business that is mobile. You see, in my business, I work from multiple locations around my service area on a consistent basis. At the time of this posting, I require a scheduling system that will manage my varying hours on specific days at four different locations respectively.

For many of the schedulers out there, this was just not going to happen. Either the schedulers required multiple accounts (and therefore multiple links - and multiple monthly fees!) for the different locations, or they could handle the separate locations but could not correctly associate the varied hours for each of the locations, or they could not otherwise correctly pair the logistics down to a tee without creating confusion for me, for my clients, or both. For example, there was an instance where a client intended to book services for a specific event held on a specific Friday afternoon, but the system I was trying out allowed her the opportunity to select the location that I normally work from on Friday nights instead of requiring her booking to direct her to the afternoon location where I was working from at the time. It was a headache for both her and for me when we realized that this system error had occurred, and it was my 'last straw' experience that pushed me to finding the best systems out there.

Please understand that if you're an artist who works from one specific location only (a studio or home office, for example), then you have a ton of options available to you - many of which you can access for free. If you're a mobile artist who services multiple locations consistently, then you'll want to give the two services mentioned below a try.

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