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Speaking Engagements & Instruction

Do you have a conference or event for henna artists?
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It's a personal goal and professional passion of mine to educate and empower creatives to grow the business of their dreams. If you host or maintain a platform that aligns with this vision, then I'd love to hear about how I can contribute to your audience!

I've had the pleasure of facilitating workshops, leading interactive lectures, giving interviews, and offering other instruction both in-person and online on themes to include, but not limited to:

  • Building a sustainable creative business as a henna professional

  • Marketing to, connecting with, and developing loyalty amongst your people

  • Effectively communicating with prospective and existing clients

  • Technical henna application in varying regional styles

down-to-earth delivery, highly actionable insight, inspiring connection

Chelsea is most known for her lecture-based workshops and presentations that encourage audience participation and engagement, leaving viewers feeling supported, directed, and capable of the next big thing in their businesses.

Hennapreneur Henna Educator

You May Have Seen Chelsea Featured at:

  • Ask the Hair & Scalp Doctor Radio Show, 2015, Henna & Hair Safety Expert Feature

  • The Henna Gathering Conference, 2016, Mastering Artist's Choice, Khaleeji Henna

  • Henna Chai Weekends, 2016, Sudanese Henna, Sangeet Strips

  • The Henna Gathering Conference, 2017, Holiday & High Demand Henna, Making Money 101

  • The Henna Society Conference, Spring 2017, Find Your Ideal Client, Mauritanian Henna

  • The Henna Society Conference, Fall 2017, Contracts for Henna Artists 

  • Baltimore Magazine, August 2017, Best of Baltimore Expert Feature

  • The Baltimore Sun, November 2017, Feature Story

  • Baltimore Girls Rock - Morgan State University, 2018, Creative Entrepreneurship

  • The Henna Society Conference, Fall 2018, Building Your Brand Message, Bridal Decoded

  • Baltimore Girls Rock - Morgan State University, 2019, Self Perception in Business


...and on other various platforms. 


Booking & Inquiries

I'd love to learn more about how I can support your vision on your platform and add value to your audience!

Drop us a line and we'll get back to you! Every message is read and responded to in 48 business hours, Monday - Friday 9am-5pm EST. Your message is important to us, so if you feel we might have missed your email, feel free to drop a note again. We're here to take great care of you.

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